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Created to Make an Impact in Training & Development


ITD started in 1969 in Germany and expanded to the USA in 1989. ITD is an internationally recognized HRD consulting firm that provides organizations with an extensive, integrated suite of consulting services across all aspects of competency development, business analysis, innovation strategy, process improvement, organizational effectiveness, and simulation technology.


The mission of ITD International is to develop competency-based, cutting-edge learning systems and affordable programs that solve business problems. ITD International is committed to improving individual and organizational effectiveness based on a measurement system that monitors Performance Improvements, Return on Investment (ROI) and Value of Investment (VOI.)

We Founded and Manage USOU


United States Online University (USOU) was founded in 2000 by the Executive Team of ITD International. The University’s focus is on highly specialized continuing education programs. It offers practical business solutions for practical organizations and individuals. The University is dedicated to supporting small and medium sized organizations with a reliable business program on demand. USOU faculty with a wealth of in-depth, real-life experience partners with companies and managements to increase profits, build sales, optimize organizational structures and systems, impact market shares and raise competencies and performance to new levels.

We Have Helped Clients Worldwide

Several programs developed by ITD received sought-after awards and are used by more than 2,000 companies and organizations worldwide. Many of them are Fortune 100 or Fortune 500 companies as well as universities. In particular, the Value of Investment System stirred up a lot of attention in professional circles. HRD managers and performance consultants from leading management consultancies attended public and in-house certification seminars to qualify for the implementation of the VOI System.

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Austin Rover
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Discovery Channel
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FamilyNet Television
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City University Los Angeles
National University
Newport University
New York University
Oxyheal University
Pepperdine University
United States Open University
University of California, Long Beach
Watterson College

Our Team Thrives on Creativity, Intuition & Determination

Dr. Herbert J. Kellner, Ph.D., President and CEO of ITD International and United States Online University (USOU) holds advanced degrees in psychology and communications from both German and American universities.

More about Herbert

Dr. Kellner served as Professor of Communications at Clayton University, established by faculty of Harvard University. At New York University he held a Professorship in Management. He was also a Professor of Continuing Education for Pepperdine University. In 2000 he resigned from Pepperdine University to devote his energies full time to running ITD International, a Consulting & Digital Media Company and United States Online University (USOU).

Dr. Kellner is author of ten books in the field of Human Resource Development and Research Author of Creating Your Future (Co-Authors: Dr. Stephen Covey, Dr. Billy Graham, Art Linkletter, Dr. Betty Youngs, Zig Ziglar, et al.). He produced more than one hundred video training programs for clients worldwide, including several Fortune 100 companies. A panel of highly regarded producers and the editorial staff of the AV Video & Multimedia Producer Magazine have selected him twice as one of the Top 100 Producers in the US.

Dr. Kellner pioneered competency research and development in Europe and created the highly acclaimed and award winning STAR Competency Assessment Series that sold over 1 million copies worldwide. He also produced the video training series Career Contender with top coaches like Brian Tracy, Les Brown, Jack Canfield, Jim Cathcart, Harvey Mackay et al..

Dr. Kellner has been honored for his Excellence in Human Resources Development Research by the International Academy of Sciences of San Marino and was the recipient of the Professional Contribution Award from ATD, The Association for Talent Development (formerly ASTD) and the European Award of Masters for Innovation. His personal interests are in scuba diving and sailing. In 1987, he sailed with his wife and daughter on a 38′ sailboat from Germany to California. Five years later, they proudly became American citizens.

Gitta H. Kellner, M.A., Vice President of ITD International and United States Online University. She holds a B.A. and an M.A. in Psychology from a German and American University.

More about Gitta

Gitta is also leading member of the University’s Program Development Team. She is Executive Producer of Travel Secrets TV and was involved in the production of the TV series Destinations: South Pacific that aired on Discovery and the Travel Channel. Gitta directed and co-directed eight TV shows for Destinations: Mexico that aired on FamilyNet Television. Now she is co-producing the TV series Destinations: USA and in charge of the Journey to Wellness project, a program developed by ITD International in Cooperation with United States Online University. This program targets coaches to earn the designation Certified Wellness Coach. Gitta manages the University’s Not-for-Profit Project Job Contender, a program that helps unemployed and underemployed people to find jobs and transform from job seekers to job contenders. She organized the first International Trainer Conference for European training directors held at New York University and co-developed more than 100  training programs for sales and management. Gitta was involved in the launch of Training Magazine in Germany, a publication for training managers and HRD consultants. She managed the production and distribution of the magazine that turned into the worldwide online publication Lifelong Learning Magazine. In her spare time, Gitta enjoys reading, beach walks and living a healthy lifestyle.

Georg J. Schlueter, Ph.D., Vice President for ITD International and United States Online University. He holds an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering, a Ph.D. in Nuclear Physics, and an M.B.A. in Business Management.

More about Georg
Dr. Schlueter has extensive business development and business management experience obtained in internationally operating large corporations. He is in charge of the University’s Business Development program where he leads a team of business consultant. He currently applies his long-standing expertise in his own management consulting firm, Hansa Technologies International. His clients recognize him as a resourceful creator of effective change for organizations in transition. Since 1994, Dr. Schlueter has been a faculty member of the University of Phoenix, San Diego Campus, where he has been lead faculty for the School of Business & Technology Management. Dr. Schlueter published numerous papers addressing significant technical and managerial topics of pressing importance. His personal interests include skiing, bicycling, and ocean sailing. He has his home in San Diego where he lives with his wife and an adult daughter.

Connie Penn, Ph.D., Vice President for ITD International and United States Online University. She is a clinical psychologist in private practice with degrees from UCLA and CSPP San Diego.

More about Connie
Dr. Penn is involved in all aspects of developing competency-based training programs and leads the team of subject matter experts, educators, media producers and marketing professionals during the creation of new programs. She is the scientific advisor for the Certified Wellness Coach Program where she fact-checks all the contributions for the video library. Connie is co-author of the Certified Wellness Coach Manual. She also co-authored the widely used training programs Conflict Management and The Heart-Body-Brain Connection. Dr. Penn is currently President of the Accrediting Alliance for Training and Development. 

Dr. Mikel R. Walton, Vice President for ITD International and United States Online University. He holds a doctoral degree in Counseling.

More about Mikel
In this position, Mikel leads initiatives in support of the company’s strategic priorities, including content development, international expansion, cross-platform opportunities, and digital growth. He works closely with the executive team to ensure continued progress toward the company’s goals. Mikel is a member in the United States Online University’s Research & Development Council and primarily focused on instructional systems design and seminar development. He is Senior Editor for Lifelong Learning Magazine and oversees the Train the Trainer program worldwide. Mikel is also co-developer of the Certified Career Coach Manual and was significantly involved in the production of the University’s Not-for-Profit Project Job Contender. He has served as an Associate Pastor for a large regional church. As an avid cyclist, hiker and surfer, Mikel enjoys the variety of outdoor recreation that only Southern California can offer.

Gary Kinnee, Director of Marketing for ITD International. He has over 30 years experience managing people and programs for large multinational aerospace firms.

More about Gary
Gary has served as a management consultant to Hughes Aircraft Company, as a field engineering manager for Air Traffic Control programs, DOT Traffic Management programs, and shipboard and submarine display, radar and tactical data systems. Gary was responsible for marketing programs and support personnel assigned throughout the United States, Europe and Asia. Gary was instrumental in the development and deployment of the advanced submarine systems program. He organized numerous technical, management, and leadership development seminars. Gary is a member in the University’s Research & Development Council and primarily focused on the design and development of the competency simulator. Gary lives in Southern California with his wife Dana. He enjoys traveling, private piloting, hiking and camping.

Michael Fischer, Director of Network Development for ITD International. He is a performance consultant and trainer, conducting seminars in Australia, Germany and the United States.

More about Michael
Michael is a member of the ITD International Training & Development Team and primarily focused on instructional systems design and seminar development. Mikel has extensive experience in the HRD field. In 1988, he became a partner in an international training company. Five years later, he started his own training company, designed and conducted seminars and consulted many well-known companies like IBM and Pacific Bell. Michael lives in California with his wife Patricia. He loves to walk and is an avid reader. In his sparetime he coaches Empowering the Teen Spirit, a seminar organization specialized in motivating teenagers and young adults.

Dr. Peter Hardegger, Director Europe for ITD International and United States Online University. He holds an M.B.A. and Dr. of Counseling.

More about Peter
Peter is a Professor of Education and a member in the United States Online University’s Research & Development Council. He served many organizations as performance consultant and pioneered competency-based, video-driven and computer-scored assessment programs in Europe. Peter is an expert in training and development for the insurance industry. He implemented STAR, the Sales Talent Assessment Review, a competency-based development system in Europe. This system made it possible to significantly reduce the cost for recruiting while boosting competency levels, performance, Return of Investment and Value of Investment. Peter is a regular contributor to Lifelong Learning Magazine. His personal interests include acting in a community theater, swimming and bicycling.

Dr. Folkert Klaassen, Director of Public Relations for ITD International. He holds a B.A. and Human Behavior and Communications.

More about Folkert
He was Vice-President for the American Television Network, Inc. (German television in America). Dr. Klaassen has served many organizations as a consultant. His clients include Jaguar, Best Western Group etc. He has over 25 years professional experience focused on three major areas: journalism, television production and public relations consulting. As founder and publisher of the exclusive VIP Online Magazine, he has covered many important events worldwide and interviewed numerous public figures and celebrities. He is the American ambassador for the Club of Europe. Dr. Klaassen was awarded the Bundesverdienstkreuz, one of the highest German decorations, because of his special merits for the spreading of German culture on the North American continent.

Michael Castaneda., Executive Producer for ITD International.

More about Michael
Michael is Executive Producer for Travel Secrets TV – Destinations: USA. He is a multifaceted audio/video technician with experience in filming, editing and producing of TV shows and educational videos. He gained his experience through the development of training videos for the fire services. Shortly after he retired as a Deputy Fire Marshal, he began his new career as an independent producer and started his own video studio. Michael developed his talent and turned into an established and sought after videographer, digital still photographer and sound video/audio technician. His clients are businesses, organizations and a local cable television station. Michael serves as director and technical assistant for the graphics & audio operations of the City of Encinitas.


James Axiotis, Co-Producer and Production Consultant for ITD International.

More about James
James consults the ITD production team for Travel Secrets TV – Discover Destinations: USA. He has 24 years of experience in producing Television shows, commercials, music videos, live news, hour-long dramas, sitcoms and corporate videos. He is also a producing-writer and oversees all phases of production from concept to final editing and trafficking. James was a producer of the very successfull Television series “Extreme Makeover – Home Edition” He has worked with ABC, CBS and NBC.

Cindy Olivier, Director of Network Relations for ITD International. 

More about Cindy

Cindy is a longtime television and film industry professional. She represents the company within the communities of TV networks, movie studios, production companies and corporate sponsors. She brings a wealth of experience from her executive positions within the training & development as well as the TV & film industry. Cindy is a member of the Screen Actors’ Guild and American Federation of Television & Radio Artists and a former member of the SAG nominating committee.

Mike Castle, Editor and Producer for ITD International. 

More about Mike
Mike is not only contributing to Travel Secrets TV – Discover Destinations: USA as an editor and producer, but also as a location scout. He has been working in the marine sciences industry as a freelancer for nearly 20 years and traveling extensive. He and his partner Verena explored Mexico aboard their sailboat for two years and are currently traveling aboard their new motor boat in the Pacific Northwest. They are both United States Coast Guard licensed 100-ton Captains. They have charted and explored much of the coast from Mexico to Alaska and keep a travel blog of their adventures at

Verena Kellner, Editor and Producer for ITD International.

More about Verena
Verena is not only an Editor and Producer for Travel Secrets TV – Discover Destinations: USA., but also a Location Scout She is in charge of ITD’s and USOU’s websites and extensive video libraries. Verena is a United States Coast Guard licensed 100-ton Captain who travels while trying to make a difference by volunteering her time on various environmental projects. With a background in Geography, Cartography and Hydrography, she has worked on research projects for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and private engineering firms from Alaska to the post-Katrina Gulf region. Traveling by boat has taught her to see the world at a slower pace and really get to know a region rather than merely passing through. She blogs about her experiences at

Milestones on Our Path to Glory

Achieving Performance eXcellence (APX) Award

ITD International, was voted “Best Instructional Systems Design” company by Training Magazine Readers.

ATD Professional Contribution Award

Dr. Kellner was the recipient of this award from The Association for Talent Development (formerly ASTD) for his accomplishments in competency assessment and development. ATD is the world’s largest association dedicated to those who develop talent in organizations.

Top 100 Producer Award

Dr. Kellner was selected from a large pool of applicants by the editorial staff of AV Video & Multimedia Producer magazine along with a panel of highly regarded producers as one of the Top 100 producers.


Top 100 Producer Award

Dr. Kellner received his second Top 100 Producer Award for the development of the e-learning platform Progressor, a teaching system which provides digital collaboration tools in an environment of experiential learning.

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